The Doomtown Archive

Because Knicknevin never forgets...

The Doomtown Archive

Somehow, even though Doomtown has risen in popularity as of late, the sites that once held information about this great game have slowly been slipping off the internet, one by one. 

My goal is to round up as much of the content as I can and keep it available, so that none of it is lost forever.


The site is VERY SLOWLY migrating. There may be outages. There may be downtime. Please stick with us during this transition.  I promise, when we come back, we will have new stuff!

So, Ah... This Happened...

On Friday, March 14, 2014, an Alderac webpage for Doomtown Reloarded leaked onto the web. it was archived by fans here:

Alderac took down the errant site, but an attendee of the GAMA Trade Show posted the attached flyer online on Saturday.

And then AEG's own Todd Rowland posted on the Doomtown Facebook page:

He starts out:
"Well as some of you may have figured out, we have a bit of an announcement at GAMA this week, regarding a certain little title called... Doomtown: Reloaded!

"Now the site will go live, all the BGG stuff, all the social media, all that jazz on Tuesday, but since you here have been the die-hards who have kept Doomtown going all these years I thought it was only right to come to you first and share the news. "

He has a lot more to say if you follow the link, and while I am pleased as punch that this has happened, the focus of this site will still be keeping old information and fan sets all findable. Classic is still a format possibility, so I will keep the records as long as I can.

An announcement.

I am making this announcement, after much consideration.

After the 2013 Championship Season, I will not be providing Doomtown event support any longer.

2013's 3 Champions will work with me to design a card, and then once I get those cards arted and released and out to people, II will officially be retiring from doing this.

There's a ton of reasons, and I have decided this is the right choice for me personally.

If someone else wanted to take over the role, I can help them learn what they will need to do, but I will not do it for them.

It's been great working with the champions, I have had a large margin of fun with it, but it is not something I can continue to do.

So lets make my last season doing this the best ever! Gencon, BGGCON, and The Portland Area Event are the big last Huzzahs to work with me on this, so do what you can to make it to one of the three!

(This does not effect the site, in fact it will give me more time to work on the site. And with Andrew Stewart and David Orange working with me on things, there will likely be MORE content in the future.)


I need someone better at keeping a website updated than I am.
MUST love Doomtown. MUST enjoy archiving. MUST be able to type intelligently and mostly erorrerer ferr... I mean error free.
Email me or contact me through Facebook or one of the forums.


Content from a downed site? Link to a current one? Vital documents taken from a Russian spy? Let me know: 


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This site, and many of HEG's projects and events have price tags attached. If you enjoy them, help out! Even a dollar helps! No profit is or will be made, it all goes back in to the site and the projects.